Rider Training

Our advanced riding courses are designed to enhance your riding skills and awareness whilst riding.  Our advanced lessons will improve your standard of riding and allow you to pass any of the national advanced riding tests.  The most recognised advanced riding test is examined by the The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) or the the Driving Instructors Association (DIA).

Our courses are based on the highly acclaimed ‘Roadcraft’ publication, the bible for police riders and the courses use the police pursuit style of training.  It is worth obtaining a copy of ‘Roadcraft’ prior to attending the course and familiarising yourself with the system of bike control.  By the end of our courses you will be constantly thinking ‘Information, Position, Speed, Gear and Acceleration.

Your instructor for these courses is the holder of police advanced motorcyclist certificate, so is up to date with current trends in the world of advanced riding.

Initial Advanced Riding Course

This is a 1 day course designed to teach you the joys of advanced riding.  Your observations will be lifted and your speed, although within the legal limits, will start to rise as you become more aware of what is happening all around you.

The course runs from 9am to 4pm and covers all types of roads, with the majority of riding on country roads where you will constantly be practising the ‘system’.  You will be constantly assessed and constructive comments given on your regular breaks.

The cost of the initial course is £180 for 1:1 tuition.  If you want to bring a friend then you can split the cost of the course and undertake a days training for £90 on a 2:1 basis.

If you attend this course on your own, you may have reached the required standard to pass one of the advanced riding tests.  If you attend with a friend you will still be able to learn from each other and depending on the skills of each individual may be able to both pass one of the tests

Advanced Refresher Course

This course is designed for those who have attended the Initial Advanced Riding Course with a friend and want to gain extra tuition in order to be confident in passing an advanced riding course, have obtained training elsewhere and require refresher training prior to the test or just want a taster of advanced riding.

The course runs from 9am to 1pm and covers the same syllabus as the Initial Advanced Riding Course but in a more concise style.

The cost of the refresher course is £90 for 1:1 tuition only.

Both our courses are taught in a relaxed and friendly environment and cater for all riding styles.  All courses use bike to bike radios, which we supply and are based in North Yorkshire.

For further information or to book your course just contact us for a friendly discussion.