Important Information

Important information you should consider before booking:

Starting Point: Routes and itineraries:
All tours are from the United Kingdom, exact location will be provided in the tour details. No two tours are the same and although we intend to follow the route broadly detailed in the itinerary, we sometimes change our day to day route for a variety of reasons including climate, road conditions, if political or security conditions demand, or if so directed by legal authorities. We must emphasise the proposed routes and itineraries described in the tour information are statements of intention only. When booking a tour you must accept that the itinerary and route may vary from that described.

Security & Foreign Office Advice:
The British Foreign Office provides reports about the political and security situation in Morocco. Moto Tours will supply information on request. However, if you are concerned about any political r security situation you should contact your own governments travel advice department. The telephone number of the British Foreign Office Travel Advice Unit is 0207 270 4192. Information is also available on Ceefax (BBC2) pages 564 onwards. The Moroccan tourist office telephone number is 0207 473 0073.

Passenger Accident Insurance:
All motor and activity sports can be hazardous and you should be aware of this prior to booking. Vehicle insurance, urchased at the Moroccan border, includes very limited passenger accident liability or none at all, and provides 3rd Party cover only.

Many of our hotels are at least equivalent to a three/four star British Hotel. The majority of the hotels that we use have secure bike parking, are very biker friendly and many have swimming pools etc.

At the present time no visas are required for the UK and most European citizens visiting Morocco. Other nationalities should make enquiries or contact Moto Tours for further information at the time of booking.

All clients must be in possession of a full passport. It should be valid for 3 months after the finishing date of the tour. your passport should have at least one blank page for the country to be visited. The photo should be easily recognisable as you now appear. If you need a new passport, we urge you to apply in plenty of time. British Passports can take considerable time to be issued in the UK at peak times.

Health & Vaccinations:
Vaccinations, immunisation requirements and health recommendations change frequently. You should check wih Moto Tours and your own G.P. The Dept of Health issue a "Health for Travellers" leaflet via their 0800 555 777 phone line. We recommend your tetanus is up to date, you have Hap A and B vaccinations, and children are vaccinated for measles (MMR).

The Price of a Moto Tours Trip Does Not Include:
Day to day food other than the meals clearly indicated and included in the itinerary, any hotel extras including parking, optional extras, travel insurance, personal spending, fuel, passports, visas, vaccinations, personal taxes and all other items of a personal nature.

Personal Spending:
Some people spend very little on our trips. Your spending will vary from area to area. Your personal choice and requirements will of course have abearing on your own spending. You should allow enough personal spending money to cover fuel, souvenirs and day to day fod and drink etc. We recommend you take along and emergency fund that you do not intend to use remembering the need to be repatriated, though thees occurances are very rare. Credit cards are useful, but do not rely on them entirely as they are not always accepted.

The Spirit:
Routes are carefully selected to be varied and exciting. Moto Tours, however, cannot be held responsible for "rider error", reckless riding or manoeuvers where due care was not given or for acts of a deliberately destructive nature. Clients are urged to respect both the environment and inhabitants when in the country of desitination. Moto Tours are unable to involve themselves in legal matter involving clients, other than notification to the appropriate consulate and notication to the next of kin, particularly where the client is clearly at fault, e.g. drug related matters. Moto Tours prime concern is that you experience a unique and exceptional holiday and have put together an effective infrastructure and itinerary to ensure this. Your willingness to participate and co-operate is essential to the success of the trip and for the enjoyment of all those taking part.

If you have any queries or require clarification on any of the aforementioned points, please contact Moto Tours by any means mentioned on our contact page.